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Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary

Open Access Statement

Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary (ELJBN) is an open access journal committed to the principle of making research freely available to the global community. We believe that open access promotes the widest dissemination of knowledge, fosters collaboration, and facilitates the advancement of scholarship.

As an open access journal, all articles published in ELJBN are freely and immediately available to anyone with internet access. This ensures that researchers, students, professionals, and the general public can benefit from the latest research findings in the fields of business law and notary.

By providing open access, ELJBN aims to remove barriers to the access and use of scholarly content. This includes enabling individuals in low-income countries or institutions with limited resources to access high-quality research without financial constraints.

ELJBN adopts the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY SA 4.0) license for published articles. This means that readers are free to share, copy, adapt, and redistribute the material, provided appropriate credit is given to the authors and the journal. Any resulting adaptations or derivatives of the work must also be shared under the same license terms.

Open access facilitates the rapid dissemination of research, increases the visibility and impact of scholarly work, and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. It allows for wider readership, greater citation potential, and the potential for societal and economic benefits through the application of research findings.

ELJBN supports the global open access movement and encourages researchers to embrace open access publishing. We believe that open access is essential for the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society.

For more information about our open access policy or any inquiries related to permissions, please contact us at