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Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary

Welcome to the Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary (ELJBN)!

About  The Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary (ELJBN) is a scholarly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of ethics, law, business, and notarial practices. Our journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, academics, legal professionals, and practitioners to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and discourse in these fields. ELJBN publishes original research articles, critical reviews, case studies, and thought-provoking commentaries that delve into the ethical and legal dimensions of business activities and notarial practices.


Title:  : Ethics and Law Journal: Business and Notary (ELJBN)
Publisher : Leanggogeni Data Publishing
ISSN   2988-1293 (online)
DOI Prefix   10.61292/eljbn
Address : Komplek PGRI No. 46A Gunung Pangilun RT 001/RW 001 Kel. Kampung Olo Kec. Nanggalo Padang 25143, Padang, Provinsi Sumatera Barat
Citation : Google Scholar
Archive Preservation : The Keepers (PKP PN)
Scope and Focus :

ELJBN covers a wide range of topics related to ethic, law, business and notary.

Ethical theory;This area of ethics explores the foundations of morality, such as the nature of right and wrong, the relationship between ethics and other fields of study, and the justification for moral claims. Moral psychology;This area of ethics investigates the psychological factors that influence our moral judgments and behavior, such as our emotions, our cognitive biases, and our social conditioning. Applied ethics; This area of ethics applies ethical theory to specific issues, such as business ethics, medical ethics, environmental ethics, and political ethics. Meta-ethics; This area of ethics explores the nature of ethical language and concepts, such as the meaning of "good" and "bad" and the relationship between ethics and religion. History of ethics; This area of ethics studies the development of ethical thought over time, from ancient philosophy to modern times. Law, Business and Notary; corporate governance, commercial transactions, contracts, intellectual property, dispute resolution, regulatory frameworks, and the evolving landscape of notarial practices. Our journal encourages interdisciplinary perspectives, drawing insights from law, business, economics, ethics, and related disciplines to foster a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues at hand. We seek to promote the highest standards of research integrity, analytical rigor, and ethical inquiry within the realm of business and notary law.



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